Summer heat impacting slaughter time.

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    Jul 12, 2016
    I have 30 New Hampshire Red roosters that are 14 weeks old and weigh 3.5 to 4 lbs each. I was hoping to slaughter them at around 6 lbs but they have stopped putting on weight due to the heat (100F+). They free range in a large backyard and I also keep a 50/50 mixture of commercial starter/grower feed with 20% protein and whole grain winter wheat. Except for the weight gain slowing or stopping in some birds they all are very healthy looking. I am wondering what my best course of action is. Should I slaughter them only weighing 4 lbs or should I keep them until cooler weather sets in and they can add some more weight (which would make them around 30 weeks old at slaughter). BTW I have a mister station set up in the yard and we also wet down the shaded areas they like to sit in so they are comfortable enough that I am not worried about them surviving the heat.
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    I like my birds a little larger, so I'd try to take them another month or so.

    I'd pull the wheat and give them the higher protein feed only. With the heat, you might look into either fermenting feed or simply making a wet mash to encourage more feed intake.
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    x2. Great advice, and also [​IMG].

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