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    Apr 7, 2015
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    I have been looking through old posts and I gather that BOSS is good for chickens. I read somewhere it is good for their feathers. Is it possible to add a splash of sunflower oil to their foods for any of the same benefit? I have 5 week old birds recently put in their coop and run and feeding crumbles that they prefer to have moistened so it is more a mash. Was wondering is adding oil to something like that would be ok or is oil bad in general.

    If you sprout the seeds do they still get the same benefit? I have seen them take on some large bugs but am not sure about the BOSS in the shell at this age. They do have access to grit in addition to what is present in the soil.
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    I don't usually start with scratch until mine are around 8 weeks or older, not sure if I would add straight oil, it will probably make their poop loose, so wait until they are a bit older to add BOSS, for now try various fruits and vegetables, mine always liked lettuce and spinach.

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