Supposed to be Barnevelder...


7 Years
Aug 29, 2012
But I'm not convinced...they seem awfully light. What do you all think? Any chance these are actually Barnevelders? If not, what breed do you think they might be?


the dark w/ the stripes on the backs makes it look like a barnevelder...though the rest of the body looks a little light. I think its probably a barnevelder though
Is the pic recent? Is it feathering in much darker?
It actually was sickly and passed away when it was a few days old.

The eyes and stripe are very similar to yours, though, I think you have barnevelders
I got them from an individual, that was what I expected them to look like...and I have a couple of others that have hatched from the same bunch of eggs that look just like that...but three that are light like the ones I posted, so that's why I was wondering if perhaps a different breed got mixed in my group of eggs by mistake...the eggs were medium brown, a few were speckled so I thought maybe Welsummer if not Barnevelder, but these chicks look light even to be a Welsummer to me...hmm

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