8 Years
May 14, 2011
Has anyone had any dealings with this company?

I ordered and paid for a GQF Sportsman 1502 from Surehatch on 5/10/2011. On 5/11/2011 their customer support person assured me that the items were shipped and would be delivered on 5/20/2011 and that my tracking number would be emailed. After numerous phone calls and emails, including a voice message to Will Hanekom's mobile phone on 5/20 I have not received a tracking number for the $800. order or a return call from Mr. Hanekom or anyone from the Surehatch sales department.

I had a problem with them as well. I ordered a GQF product through SUREHATCH and it never arrived. I first called SUREHATCH customer service: 1-888-350-2221. That was a funny joke. Most likely, SUREHATCH Customer Service is a group of (barely) English speaking women based in one of the former Soviet Union Block countries, using choppy Skype phone service on an outdated Russian "Dell compatible" computer. When I asked where she was located she had to pause a moment to answer the question and then proclaimed that she was in Georgia. That was funny because SUREHATCH is based in California and GQF is in Georgia. When I asked to speak with her supervisor she put me on hold only to return to say that the supervisor was not available. (yeah right) The one useful bit of information that I got from speaking to this person, half way around the world, was the number for GQF customer service: 912-236-0651. Now THIS woman was a real American and actually in Savannah, Georgia. She explained that GQF did have my order but that the product was out of stock and that it would be at least another week before it would be processed.

My recommendation is that you call GQF at 912-236-0651 and ask them about your order. Most likely, GQF is overloaded right now and there is a simple delay as a result.

Obviously, SUREHATCH is a poorly run online-retail company. A company's Customer Service group should never lie to the customer. About anything. Period. It is bad business; and it ultimately creates suspicion that the company as a whole lacks integrity.

Next time I need a poultry related product I will spend a bit more money just to avoid using SUREHATCH.

If you're thinking about ordering from Surehatch, RUN RUN RUN!! They suck at customer service and lie to you on the phone. I ordered a Sportsman 1502 from them, the web site said it was in stock. I'm in Alaska so I figured since they were in California it would be a decent arrival. They assured me it would ship in 7 days. 3 weeks later I still didn't have it, didn't have a tracking # and couldn't get a straight answer out of them. The promise to find out whats happening and will call me back with a tracking #, yea right, never got a call. A few days after the 3rd week fedex ground walks in with my 1502, shipping lable shows it was sent from GFQ in Georgia. All Surehatch does is drop ship but they don't tell you this, the web site leads you to believe that they carry them in stock.

Anyway, I do have my 1502, I doubt surehatch knows I have it. Now I don't object to drop shipping, as long as I know it upfront. Don't lie to me and tell me I'll have it within 10 days when it's coming from Georgia. If I were to do it again, I'd go straight to GFQ and get it from them.
to Surehatch
Thank you all for your replies:)

At least 'Surehatch' is consistant in how they deal with their customers, my story reads the same as your's. In all honesty it felt like a scam.

The tracking number was received around 5pm yesterday and the unit should be here on Friday;)

For what ever it's worth, I did followed up with an email to Vickie suggesting that she communicate better to avoid annoying the customer and causing herself additional grief. BBB in CA received a complaint over the weekend and I was going to contact GA today.... Maybe they will get the message and clean up their act.

Any future dealings will be directly with GQF.
I'm a new lurker here at BackYardChickens,
and somehow missed this about Surehatch.

My mistake...
I ordered from Surehatch the 2nd week in June and am crossing my fingers that I get a tracking number and my order.

First when I ordered the items were in stock, I ordered and they charged my card.
Then then they sent an email, that said that they were not in stock.
Called them and I ask about items, bla, bla, bla, okay I said that I'll take the substitute model.
Then nothing, no shipping/tracking numbers, waited, waited.
Called them again, Surehatch "So sorry, bla, bla, bla, give us a couple of days".
I am giving them till after the holidays, and hoping for the best.

+1 to be very careful if you are thinking of ordering from Surehatch.
Almost over my Surehatch ordeal.

I can't say too much unit my equipment arrives in my hands.

I've learned.
I hope I get my stuff.
Buyer beware.

I have the equipment I ordered.

Last and only time I will ever order from Surehatch.


I wonder how many people don't get what they order, had to pay more, or just give up with Surehatch.

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