Surgery recovery of 4 days.....Rant

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  1. crzychickenlady

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    Jan 31, 2007
    Well, I had surgery on Thursday (hysterectomy), got out of the hospital on Friday and had help over the weekend with my 6 month old baby....BUT, I am back home now and on my own.
    I'm still in quite a bit of pain and the pain meds make me loopy. Since I have no help with the baby I can't take my medication. I'm also not sposed to be lifting anything over 10 pounds...the baby weighs 21 pounds!

    As we speak he is crying....I had to put him in his crib and take a break....I'm tired and in pain [​IMG]

    I guess I just need to grin and bare it, I'm sure I will get thru this like I do everything else...If not I will be back in the hospital and someone will HAVE to help with the baby. [​IMG]

    I just needed to rant for a minute...thanks for reading....
  2. BorderKelpie

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    Mar 1, 2009
    outside Dallas
    OMG! That's ridiculous. How in the world are you to function like that? You poor thing. I wish I lived closer, I'd love to give you a hand. Is there any way insurance could pay for a home nurse or even just a sitter? Wow, can't even pay for a kid to come in and help since most are in school right now. Maybe a high school grad who is currently unemployed? I know it's scary having an unfamiler person in the house caring for your baby, but if they could at least just make sure you don't fall down or start bleeding. Just so you're not all alone. Awww, my heart aches for you.

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  3. chixie

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    Apr 6, 2009
    kountze texas
    I am sorry that you have no help.. I wish I could help you...
  4. Camelot Farms

    Camelot Farms Chickenista

    Awww. You poor thing.

    Rest as much as you can. Let all of the little stuff go and just do what MUST be done.

  5. CoopCrazy

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    Mar 3, 2009
    Quote:I agree .. Rest , watch movies with the lil one , nap when he/she does, and only work on the neccesities ..,. Dont worry the other stuff will be waiting for you when you get better... Can you atleast have someone call or stop by to check on you every few hours ? That is a rough surgery... My heart goes out to you honey [​IMG]
  6. b.hromada

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    I too wish I were close to you, to give you some help. I can't believe they just let you out of the hospital the next day! [​IMG] Thats our health care system for you. That is such major surgery also. [​IMG] I pray you can get some much needed help. I know how 6 month olds can be. Please, just do what is only necessary, like Camelot said. [​IMG]
  7. teach1rusl

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    Your rant almost makes me want to rant...after something as serious as a hysterectomy (even if they do it laproscopic), woman are just kind of expected to jump right back up and carry on!!! others have said, let things go that aren't critical. And DON'T be lifting that baby up into a crib! He can sleep on a blanket on the floor. If he's a walker or crawler, put up baby gates to secure him in with you so you can sit back a bit... [​IMG]
  8. boxermom

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    Feb 22, 2009
    Have you checked w/ a local church? Ours has something called a "Helping Hands Ministry." Maybe there is something like that that can help you out. There are always "grandmas" that love to help w/ babies.
  9. key west chick

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    May 31, 2008
    Gainesville, GA
    OMG, I cant imagine! I had a hyster last august. I got to stay in the hospital for 2 days and even then hated going home. It was weeks before I could get out of bed without feeling everything pull. I cant imagine dealing with an infant. Hugs coming your way.
  10. Countrywife

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    Aug 20, 2009
    First thing I did was look to see where you were. Too far. I did this with my youngest and her 19month old brother. Put you and the baby in the living room on the couch, or the bedroom if you have a bathroom on a floor different than the living room. Have your husband fix you a cooler of snacks, drinks, food, etc. Keep the baby bottles in it and any food the baby is eating. Keep diapers, clothes, whatever you need right there. Lots of movies. You and the baby camp out. If everythign is there you can take it easy and not run around. The baby is still small enough that holding and playing should mostly be enough. If the baby cries, try just rocking, no walking and holding the baby, ok? I did all this pregnant and after the pregnant. Take care of yourself. I know what its like to not have help, but don't be dangerous to yourself, ok? If you can take the pain meds double up on motrin.

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