Surprise Egg Assortment for sale


13 Years
Jan 11, 2007
When I was collecting eggs today I got 20 plus from my standards,bantams,turkeys, if any one is interested in a variety of eggs let me know. 20.00 gets 20 plus eggs including shipping. All the eggs I collected are from fertile hens . I would hatch these myself except as of right now I have eggs in the bator, brooder full and will have more to collect in the next few days. The turkeys are very fertile. I just hatched 3 out of 4 eggs and have 14 in my incubator and a RP hen setting a nest. I hate to waste these eggs so if interested let me know .....Thanks for reading.......

Most of mine free range so alot are mixed standard breeds. some are silkies,polish,turken,the turkeys are RP and Blue slate hens with Blue Slate tom and a Narragansett tom.
I know these are spoken for. If you have extras in the future, what would they cost if I pick them up? Thanks Victor

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