Surprise!!(two of them, one good, one bad,lol)


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11 Years
Jul 27, 2008
I was just going to take the last little goose out of the incubator this morning and clean the incubator out. I opened it, and along side the gosling was a duckling!!! Its been a few days since they were have supposed to hatch and I wrote it off as a failure. There was one other duck egg that was supposed to hatch, I picked it up and it peeped at me!!
I placed it back into the incubator and upped the humidity with some warm water the best I could and its pipping....
So if your hatch is late, give it a few extra days.)
My BAD surprise was an exploding egg!! Ugh!! I was taking the "duds" out and had placed them into a garbage bag (thank goodness) when one of them exploded. Now I know what people are talking about and it made me want to puke!

Oh, the two little duck eggs were sent to me from a wonderful woman in Minnesota, as were the goose eggs. The ducks are slate Indian Runners.
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