Surprised at cost of processed goose


11 Years
Dec 7, 2008
western PA
I was at Walmart the other day and just happened upon frozen geese for sale. I never expected the prices that I saw. The birds were $5.00 per pound and most started in the $55 range and went up. Just didn't expect it...
If goose dinner was as popular as chicken, then we are all in the wrong business with those prices on goose meat
We have goose for christmas dinner. That is why when I ordered my chicks I added some geese and a ducks to the order.
Ok get out your paper and calculators and figure out what it would cost you to raise a goose. I have only been able to find one commercial goose producer in the US. Even when goose was more popular for table use they never had the big factory farms like the ones for chicken and turkeys now. The agents would contact farms and maybe get a dozen geese/farm that the farmer had raised as a minor cash crop in the North. In the South young weeder geese took the place of a farmer with a hoe in cotton and tobacco fields (this was before there were safe herbicides) and when the need for weeders was gone each fall the geese ended up being fattened up and sent to the table. Herbicides, factory farms for poultry, and the change in the American diet away from the fatty succulent dark meat of geese to the dried out white meat of the chicken and turkey did in the American goose production.

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