Suspected Egg Bound


Nov 27, 2020
I suspect my buff chicken is egg bound. I gave her a bath with Epsom salt for 30 minutes, and used petroleum jelly. Am I supposed to let her try to work the egg out by herself after that or should I be doing another kind of intervention?
You could massage the egg gently to try and help it out. A warm, humid room, might help. And as you are doing, regular Epsom salt baths. You could also put a pinch of Epsom salts in her water.

I recommend monitoring her poop and eating and drinking habits.

Good luck!
Why do you suspect being egg bound? An eggbound chicken will walk upright like a penguin and pulsate their tales up and down... they almost look constipated. Can you provide some symptoms this hen is displaying? The hen in the pictures looks too have vent gleet.

Dont know what to suspect as we are new to this. Maybe its an infection, vent gleet, prolapse ... She is eating, drinking and acting normal. She has discharge from her vent and it looks inflamed. We gave he a bath with epsome salt and tried to clean with a little dawn.

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