SW Michigan Rooster (Barred Rock X EE), free to a good home

Sue Gremlin

11 Years
Jan 1, 2013
Colebrook, CT
Paulie Walnuts is a very sweet boy and is 2 years old now. A little short on brains, but he is very sweet, lets you pet him, eats out of your hand and takes great care of his girls. He lives in a flock with 8 hens and has done a great job protecting them and is a proven dad--we have a few of his chicks. He is free-ranged with hens all summer. He's never shown a hint of aggression toward people or our cats. He is closely related to half of my hens, so we will need to find a different dad. He has shown aggression toward just one of my hens in the recent weeks.
Paulie Walnuts.jpg
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