Swedish Flower Hens - Chick Color vs Adult Color


May 19, 2015
Would anyone happen to have some good photo comparisons of different Swedish Flower colors, hatchling vs adult? I recently hatched a good number of SF eggs for a neighbor and she is giving me my pick of the bunch. I raise BCMs - I am NOT used to a breed with such a variety of colors! I would like to pick a few chicks that will end up being louder in plumage.

She also threw in a few "barnyard mix" eggs. I figured they would be easy to tell apart from the SFs, but now I'm having second thoughts about that... Some ARE easy to tell apart because they have slate colored or feathered legs and muffs - but some aren't so clear. Do SF chicks ever exhibit a chipmunk pattern? There are a few of those in the mix.

Thanks for any and all help!

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