Sweet Corn...OMG! :)


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9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Finally, I've broken my long standing record of NEVER being able to grow sweet corn. I can grow just about everything else in our area, and corn surely isn't uncommon here, but it's always evaded me. It either dies or it grows and never produces an ear...and it's not from lack of trying.

This year, I have succeeded. Of course, I aimed low - only two 10' rows. I wasn't expecting much, and wasn't going to give much space, but I relented.

My enduring favorite company came through again, the Mennonite folks of E&R Seed (don't go looking for a website, they don't have one.) I ordered the "Frisky" hybrid...it's a SE-Sh2 hybrid, non-GMO of course, and a nice 69 day maturity.

Oh. My. Goodness. Had two ears today, and it's by far the most tender and delicious corn I have ever sunk my teeth into. AND I GREW IT!!

Next year, I'm going to plant 10 times the amount of it. Or more. I can't believe how good it is. The ears are nice and big, the kernels are big, bicolor and incredibly sweet, it's got kernels right to the tip, just fantastic stuff.

Just had to share
I feel like the heavens smiled on my sweet corn, and I'm incredibly happy (obviously, doesn't take much for me!)
we have always had fresh, homegrown sweet corn, and couldn't imagine having to eat that junk from the store
we used to grow 2-3 batches on an acre and a half. our cousin started growing it in a 100 acre field in multiple batches lasting several months (his started the 2nd week of july, and there is still at least 3 weeks of corn growing). my dad supplies the fertilizer (cow manure), and he let's us have all the corn we want.

we don't eat a whole lot of it, because it moves through a person pretty quickly. however, every chance i get i run over and pick a bunch of ears for my peeps. all they have to hear is the sound of a cob of corn being shucked. just that first sshhhheeewwt... and they're comin' a runnin'
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Email is [email protected], phone is 866-510-3337.

It is Mennonite group, and I believe they hire out their phone/email. I do my order via snail mail, and "overestimate" the money for shipping etc, and they just send cash back in a seed envelope. I've never spoken to anyone there, but I love their product
This is great....like you we've never been able to grow corn neither or at least sweet corn that amounts to something. We also live in the Mid MI region. I'll definitely have to look into this. Thanks for sharing the info!!

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