Swimming Pool TRANSITION Brooder

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    It's low cost, it's nifty and it's cool! Dollar General had pools on clearance here locally. So we jumped on the opportunity. Added a little left over fence wire from previous projects.
    We suspended a couple of feeders with bungee cords to discouraged the little dudes from pooing in the feed so much, at least when they were stationary.
    The patio paver square elevates the waterer to help keep some of the shavings from filling the rim. As well acting as a weight because the pool is so light and can slide if it is bumped hard enough.
    Hubby hung a Christmas Bell for a little amusement toy. Sometimes we can hear the jingle bell from far away while we are doing something around the farm.
    These make excellent transitional housing when your babies are done with the indoor pampering. Now it is time for the outdoor pampering.
    Ours are set up in our barn/shop up on a pallet placed on saw horses. So the dogs don't spook the little dudes.
    There is a ceiling fan above running during the day hours. After all, it is a metal roof barn and it does get pretty toasty in there.
    When they out grow the ceiling height, we have several taller brooders that become another transition stage. They grow quick, so they don't stay in here for long.
    Then the final transition begins. 3 big brooders. Youngest to the left and oldest to the right. If they are not adopted for a modest fee, they travel by aging from the left to the right. After the right pen birds are ready, they go to our egg house, breeding houses, free ranged and adoption (wishful thinking).
    We hatch bi monthly so this is basically our procedure I am sharing.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my little thread and I hope some of it can be useful to somebody.
    Best regards.
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    So cool! I love the swimming pool brooder!
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    the first one ever was from being taken from along side the road from someones trash can pile.. 100% free..

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