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8 Years
Feb 11, 2011
I just picked up a few swiss Mondaine which I was told that they were rare and after looking on the world wide web I see they are. I have 4 pair and 3 extra males. I was wondering if anyone has any knowlage of these wonderfull pigeons. I am tryint to load some pictures but I am not sure how, send me your e-mail and I can send some pictures to those who are interested.
Here are some pictures of the Swiss Mondaine, These are very large pigeons.
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Hello,sorry my english!!!
I´M FROM PORTUGAL,i live near Porto.
I´ve some swiss mondaine pigeons.Here in Portugal ,we see lots of french mondain but swiss are very phew.
I was in the internet ,when i saw your email in this forum,that´s why i reply.I´VE some breeds,12 precisely.

Best regards
Vitor Pereira

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