Switching to bucket from gravity for winter


Apr 27, 2018
Lehigh Valley PA
I have a 4x8 indoor roosting area and that leads to a 8 x 20 covered run. Currently I am using the following for water:



I used to have only the small waterer in the fenced in run and when I got home from work I let them out in a larger 40x60 run with the larger waterer. I would need to fill the small waterer almost daily (i did anyway so it was fresh). I created a bucket waterer using food grade bucket and horizontal nipples. They only drink maybe 1/3 of the volume using that bucket when i take away the smaller gravity waterer. When I go into the run and push on the nipples they come running and start pecking it and when i walk away i see them using it. I really want to get them on the bucket waterer so i can heat it, but I am afraid they are not getting enough water from the nipples.

i used solely the bucket for a few days but was concerned the volume of consumption drastically reduced so i put the gravity one back in, in addition to the nipples. Should i just pull the plug on the gravity waterer and yank it out and force them to the bucket?

Also was wondering if the 4x8 enclosed section should have food/water in it in case they dont want to come out in the cold into the covered run.



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Dec 11, 2009
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Chickens will use the easiest waterer if given a choice. If you wish to have them use the new setup, remove the gravity waterer.

Water and food should always be set up where the chickens are spending most of their day. I have no food or water in my coops, and no matter how cold it is, my chickens spend 99% of their time in their covered run.

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