Swollen around eye, not eye itself, what can I do for her?


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Apr 14, 2013
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I checked out the area for injury and saw nothing, it looks like the swelling closed up that one nostril. She's eating, drinking, everything just fine. I have an eye ointment, but it doesn't seem to be the actual eye. Is there anything I can do to help this sweet little lady out?

Here are some pics I just took of her.

Here's a pic of her good eye below
This is sinus swelling from a respiratory disease like mycoplasma G. or coryza, or others. If her head smells bad it may be coryza. She needs an antibiotic like Tylan 50 1 ml daily either by mouth or as a shot into breast muscle for 3-5 days. Here is some info: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ps044
Thank you folks. Her head doesn't smell bad at all. I have some questions, here is what I have already done for her - she's separated from the flock and is in a large dog crate in my living room, ran out last night and bought Tylan. In my searching online about dosage, I gave her .5cc last night ~ Is it better I give her 1cc all at once, or split into two doses per day? I'm giving her it orally, I'm just not comfortable administering via needle. In case this has any bearing on dosage, she's about 6mths old.

Should I continue cleaning with warm water around the swelling, eye and stuffed up nostril or will this serve no purpose? While my house isn't freezing, it is cool - should I put the heat on so she stays toasty warm? I don't heat my coop, so she'd have that to contend with when she goes back out there.

Also, once done with giving her the Tylan for 3-5 days when can I put her back with her flock? How long does it take for the meds to get out of her system, so I can stop throwing her eggs out?

Thanks for the help, this is my first time keeping chickens and I appreciate the input
This morning she is eating, drinking, breathing okay and has already laid her egg.
In older posts here on BYC most folks used 1/2 ml, but I think most are using 1 ml now daily for 5 days orally. Just give it slowly by pulling her wattles down, letting go allow her swallow a bit at a time. She needs to be completely symptom free, and then I would wait another week or so before allowing her back in. Depending on the disease she still may be a carrier. Read the above link--these diseases are usually chronic, and most who treat have a closed flock--none in and none out until all are gone.
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Thank you eggcessive. I plan to keep them a closed flock now, I appreciate the link and had read it. I especially appreciate the pull down on the wattles, I had just pried her beak open last night and today. I also plan on making a couple of chicken diapers since she'll be in the house for a while, I hate to keep her exclusively in the dog crate and I'm already sick of cleaning up her poop from the few times I've let her out to stretch and explore.
I have a couple of questions. Today was day 4 of her receiving the Tylan, the swelling has gone down in that left eye but the last two days she had some minor swelling in the right eye, wattles and back of her comb which have since returned to normal. About when should I expect the swelling to be gone after starting the antibiotics? She continues to eat/drink/poop just fine and she's been a handful to have in the house lol.

My other question is, not one of my other chickens has any symptom of this upper respiratory - is it safe to assume they're in the clear? I ask because since this one will be a carrier, I'm wondering now if putting her back with flock would be a wise decision. Or since she started with this out there with them, they've already been exposed.
The swelling should go down gradually, but it depends on the disease. Coryza can last for 2 or more months. You sound like you are dealing with mycoplasma, but you can't be sure without having your county extention agent or state vet test her. The whole flock was probably exposed at the same time. Do you have any idea where it came from? Diseases can come in on new chickens, chicken people tracking it in on their shoes, you visiting swaps, etc. Wild birds can also bring them in. I hope she continues to do well.

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