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    I`ve read a lot about this issue already on the forums trying to diagnosis my poor 1.5 year Austrolorp.

    Yesterday, I noticed her bottom under the vent was swollen to the size of a softball. Very squishy. However, she acts normal and healthy (eating, drinking water, general chicken activities) and she`s also walking fine. It doesn`t hurt her to touch it.

    I have her a warm bath last night, and lubed up the vent area. I also checked for an egg that might be stuck, but found nothing. I have her in the house right now and have been checking her poops, which have no signs of worms.

    I read a couple threads that suggests it could be a build up of fluid which can be extracted with a syringe and needle. I need some help with this. Does any one out there have some advice or experience they can share when it comes to this? Where can you purchase a needle for this and how big of one to you use? Do you need a syringe or can you just poke it and let it drain?

    Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated? I'm a little nervous about puncturing this balloon-like sack...

    I will post a photo of her bum just to give everyone an idea.



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