Swollen Cheek


11 Years
May 7, 2012
Anybody have any idea what is causing this swollen cheek? It started 3 days ago marble size and has only gotten bigger. She is otherwise healthy eating and drinking and active. I thought it might be a Bee or Spider bite but the swilling has only gotten worse. Thanks.

I'm wondering if it's a cyst or an abscess. Maybe there was an infection that started inside her mouth? You may want to have it looked at. If it's a cyst or abscess, then the vet may be able to drain it and put her on antibiotics.
My chicken Maple, who will be turning 2 this January has had a very similar thing. How old is she? Feel it, is it hard or soft and kind of squishy? Are there tears in her eyes all the time, especially when you press it?
It was hard and when I cut it hoping it was a cyst and could be removed like they showed on another thread but the mass was hard and could not be removed. It does not show in the picture above by the next day the mass had gotten big enough that it had made her have a cross beak,the mass was doubling in size every day.Her eye was completely shut. I ended up putting her down.
Oh, that's too bad. Sounds like it was a tumor. You did the right thing.

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