Swollen eye/ infection

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8 Years
Jun 15, 2011
Portland, OR

I have a 7 mo Easter Egger with a swollen shut eye, no other symptoms that would be typical of a respiratory infection (no wheezing, sneezing, rales, nasal discharge, and the eye doesn't smell bad) andher other eye is fine. I'm thinking she got an eye injury, maybe pecked in the eye?

I cleaned her eye out the first night so it would open, and noticed the tissue around the eye (under the outer eyelid was swollen and red). I planned to get eye ointment at the feed store and life got in the way. So when I brought her in to clean it out again tonight, the inner eyelid appears to have a good amount of white material underneath it (I'm assuming it's a product of infection).

Update: After reading a few more posts, I felt comfortabale to apply a bit more pressure to try to ge the white stuff out. I was able to get the good-size half-ball of cheesy material out of her eye; there was a small amount left I couldn't get, but I flushed her eye and smeared the lid with a bit of neosporin. If anything, at least she should be a bit more comfortable without the white stuff in there.

Anyone who has to treat a chicken on their own - I wrapped her legs together with vet wrap so she couldn't kick; made it much easier.

Thanks for any advice!
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