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Apr 27, 2008
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I have about 25 chickens at my friends house.(I'm not allowed to have them at mine:( ) One of my little Isa hens had one eye to swell shut. I thought she may have just had something in it, so I left it alone. There have been no other symptoms and it hasn't spread to the other chickens, so it isn't contageous. I watched her fairly closely, and other than the entire eye area staying swollen, no changes. She has recently started having this nastly cottage cheese looking pus? in the eye. I squeezed it out on two different occasions (gagging the entire time) I think she may be getting an infection in the eye now. I don't know if she has any sight left in the eye or not.
Now I have another chicken that seems to be developing the same thing. They have been in the same pen for several months. Does anyone have any ideas what could have caused this, or what I can do to fix it?
It seems wierd, but on both chickens, it is the left eye. Don't know if that has anything to do with anything or not.
I believe that this is contagious. It is just not spreading rapidly right now. Maybe because of the cold weather. Not sure.

Separate the two chickens that have the infected eyes. Go to the drug store and purchase a bottle of contact lens saline solution, triple antibiotic ointment, cotton balls and plastic disposable gloves. Put a few cotton balls in a small container and saturate them with the saline solution. With your plastic cloves on use one cotton ball to wipe the infected eye. If you can, try to open the eye a bit to get some saline inside. Throw that cotton ball away and do the same thing with a fresh one. The saline solution might bubble a little on the eye but that's OK. It's just peroxide killing germs. Don't use straight peroxide for this though.

After you get the eye cleaned put some of the antibiotic ointment on one of your cleaned gloved fingers like your pinky and rub along eye.

Do the same to the other chicken.

I have a feeling that your whole flock will come down with this and you will have to use an antibiotic to treat everyone. If you have a vet call him/her to find out which antibiotic would be appropriate. Don't use just any antibiotic. You have to know what you are treating to make sure you get the right antibiotic so we don't develop drug resistant strains of infections.

Wash your hand well and until your flock is healthy don't visit anyone elses chickens and don't have them visit yours.

If the pus coming from the eye or discharge from the nose has an offensive smell you probably have an outbreak of Corza.
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