Swollen faced. HELP!

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  1. lindseyjones

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    Oct 11, 2011
    Hi! My name is Lindsey and Im new! Im having a problem with my very beautiful 6 year old hen named Winnifred. Acouple of days ago we noticed some swelling on her cheek.. it appeared to be going away but I was shocked to go out to the barn and see her today. Shes so swollen she cant close her beak or open her eye. The poor thing can barely drink and hasnt been able to pick up much of anything besides a couple blades of grass. Ive been giving her water through a syringe throughout the day and noticed pus starting to coming from the corner of her beak. Im at a loss, I dont know if maybe she was stung by a bee or if its something way way worse. If anybody has ANY advice on anything else I should be doing or a good way to force feed her or any insight at all to the problem it would be greatly appreciated. Im so worried, I dont want anything to happen to my baby girl.


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  2. Hot2Pot

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    It might be coryza, try doing a search on that. Have you bought any new birds recently?
  3. KandiandJerry

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    Quote:X2 You need to eliminate coryza as the cause ....do a search on this site...it is very contagious to other birds.....Good Luck with her...she is very pretty....
  4. lindseyjones

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    Oct 11, 2011
    I just briefly read up on the symptoms of coryza and it doesnt seem to fit. She isnt coughing or sneezing. Shes acting fairly normal other than just her irritation for not being able to drink water. I have marked her water so i could see if shes been drinking and it seems that she has. They also said something about bad breath? I havent smelled anything on her either. Ive seperated her from the rest of the babies as of today.
  5. nurse_turtle

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    May 28, 2011
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    If there is pus present, consider starting a broad spectrum antibiotic.
  6. lindseyjones

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    Oct 11, 2011
    I picked up some antibiotics as of today and have been mixing it with her water. I just wish I knew what the exact problem was, its so frustrating!
  7. lindseyjones

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    Oct 11, 2011
    Quote:Our newest addition was our very first Silkie that we decided to name Minion [​IMG]
  8. Pickaduck

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    May 21, 2011
    I wouldn't think coryza. If the discharge is smelly then yes, it's likely coryza but I think it looks more like a much less scary respiratory disease which is still serious but not as much as coryza.

    You mentioned a new addition - when was the silkie (I have to say I love the name - what color silkie is it?) added to your flock? It's possible your bird caught something from the silkie. I don't know if you kept the silkie quarantined or not but it's a good idea to keep all new birds quarantined for 30 days to let you get a chance to see if there are any illnesses or mites/lice/etc without introducing the problems into your flock.

    I'd definitely recommend an antibiotic for your girl. You can also try and give her some poly-vi-sol without iron (you can get this at walmart and similar places) or electrolytes like gatorade. You can use a dropper and give it to her like you have been with the water.

    You might want to try feeding her something special like scrambled eggs, yogurt, etc. The extra protein will be helpful for her body to use to fight this illness and the probiotics in the yogurt are important for keeping her digestive system healthy when she's taking antibiotics.

    If possible, please isolate her from the flock so the others won't come down with what she has. You might want to keep her in a dog crate inside where she can rest and recover.

    I can tell you love your chickens very much and take very good care of them - that tattoo is amaaaaaazing!! [​IMG]

    Good luck with all of this and keep us updated. [​IMG]
  9. dawg53

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    If not coryza, I would suspect MG.
    If it's MG, you can treat with denagard. If it's coryza, you can treat with sulmet. Your bird will be a carrier for life with either disease. Your other option is to cull.
  10. chickenjane82

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    Aug 10, 2011
    I had a few chickens get a puffy face like that, with no sneezing or runny nose.
    I put antibiotic drops in their eyes for 3 days and they were fine....Not sure if that would help or not?

    Oh...Ive never been a big fan of tattoos, but I agree! Yours is AMAZING! I LOVE IT.

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