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    Sep 10, 2014
    im slowly learning about byc,but im curious is their any table scraps that you should not feed your hens?i have been feeding them all my scraps and corn daily.i also notice that the corn I put in the feeder is scratched out on the ground next day.seems they would rather eat from the ground?also my 8 by 16 run that was once good picking for the hens is now mud.whats the best thing to put in the run? also I cant keep straw in the laying nest where they lay.they take it out as fast as I put it in.I have 4 nest built and they all use the same one ,but they wont leave the straw in it .I would appreciate answers to these questions if anyone cares to comment.
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    You can cut some indoor/outdoor carpet to the size of the nesting boxes so there is some padding in the bottom. A thin layer of straw under that will give it some shape and a little more padding. Some people just go with that. Super easy to keep clean (just pull the squares out, shake and go). My girls are just the opposite. They steal the straw out of the box next to them and do some redecorating while they are sitting.

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