Tags thingys?


8 Years
Mar 7, 2011
Ok, so the new chicks I got today all have these little clip, tag thingys on their wings to show they are pullets. My question is, do we take these off?? And is there a way to do this without hurting the chicks? At first I thought the tags were around the bone of the wing, but upon closer inspection, they are in the skin of the wing. So... what do I do?
Do you know what hatchery they actually ordered them from? You could call them and find out what to do about it. I would not want my chickens permanently banded like that. That makes me sad. I just ordered some from a feed store and they better not do that.
No I don't know what hatchery. I will call and ask tomorrow. The first batch I got from them did not have the bands.

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