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May 18, 2011
My Ameracauna, Robin actually looked like she was was wagging her tail today. She swishes it side to side. Has anyone else seen their chickens tail wag before? She is supposed to be a female. But her tail feathers look awfully long to me. Not sure if this is normal in an Ameracuana. She is now 11 weeks old.
My girls wag their tails regularly, I think it's cute.
yes, it's normal. they are just shaking out their tails. that or trying to get their balance. it isn't like a dog, they don't do it because they're happy to see you. chickens have other ways to communicate that
My Americana has a long tail but no wag yet. She's 4 months old. My Andalusian wags her tail. She looks so sassy!
---when my buff orp had her chick --she would wag her tail from side to side when the chick did right--and the tail would go down as she ruffled up and scolded the chick--that was the only time she would do this--now that she is weaning the chick --the side to side wag is all done---hope this helped
I had just given her one of her favorite treats. An overripe banana. Maybe she was telling me she was happy about the banana. I watch and see if she does it again next time I give her one.
our girl nancy drew
wags her tail often we find it rather endearing she has a rather big tail compared to the other girls but since she lays the only greenish brown eggs shes definitely a girl XD i think its all genes
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