Take a look and tell me if this would make a good coop

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    I am a SAMS member and the shed you are thinking about costs about $900. Prices may vary regionally, but that is how much it is here where I live. I think it has positives and some deficiencies as for a coop. First, it is instant and weather proof. Now you would need to build the inside to accommodate your chickens. How many chickens do you want to raise??? If only a few, then its an over kill. Additionally, you would need to install additional ventilation .. There is a lot of information on this forum as to venting your coop. I don't know your circumstances so I cant really give you suggestions as to which way to go. For small numbers of chickens, you may consider some ready made NEW coop kits on Ebay . They start at about $200 and up. they are not walk ins . Go to the top of this page and read up more on coop ideas. The links are helpful.

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