Take Two... hen or roo?


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Oct 10, 2015
We got 2 chickens from a local farm that turned out to both be roosters. We brought them back to the farm and they gave us 4 chicks. They said they were week old RIR chicks and sexted at a day old, all female. We have had them now for 8 weeks and one of our "girls" has a much larger comb than the other three and tends to ruffle her feathers a lot. Is this a hen or a roo?

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That is a cockerel - unfortunately, the birds would have to have been "vent sexed" and there is a 5-15% error rate with that method even by the most experienced sexers due to the complex nature of the sex organ structure of day old males and females.
Comb/wattle aside - see the dark, glossy feathering that is developing on this bird (ie across the wing) - that is characteristic of males.
Given your bad experience thus far with getting surprise males, OP, I would suggest that you consider sex links (black or red) or one of the auto-sexing breeds of birds so you can avoid yet another unhappy surprise.
Alternatively, purchasing "started" birds can be a good route to go - you pay a bit more for the more mature bird, but the certainty of gender is money well spent, imo, for someone who has already had such a bad string of surprises.
Thank you everyone. We brought him back to the farm and they gave us a 7 week old. Now our 3 girls left are running the new one. They are keeping her in the coop away from the food and water. Also the 3 we have left have started chasing each other and fluffing their necks. I am so afraid that these are males too. Any help would be great!!


Not the best pictures of our other three but the best i could get.

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