Taking your chicken to the vet


Jul 2, 2019
Greeting chicken lovers everywhere I have been away for awhile it in back now. Lol. I was wondering how many take their chicken to the vet. Susie has been three times now trying f to cure her upper respiratory infection I feel weird by the stares I get once the dog and at lovers realize my pet is a chicken.
I have taken mine to an avian vet at a regular vet office where people might look at me sideways, and I have also gone to an avian vet at a bird clinic where she fit right in. One avian vet we visited had a rooster in the office... the lights dimmed and music came on as he puffed up his chest and crowed for my girl!
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I have taken three chooks to the vet, the latter two it did not end well for them though. :hitWe have an avian vet so I take my girls to see her. When I took Lucy because she had lost her voice, a lady in the waiting room exclaimed “There’s a chicken in there!” when she saw Lucy in the cat carrier. The attention was quite nice, actually. :D When we lost the other two, they were so lovely and caring. Expensive, yes, but I guess if you are going to own an animal you should take responsibility for it. I can’t euthanise my own, so I would rather pay for someone to do it peacefully.
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