Tame Guinea Fowl keets/adults?


Sep 23, 2019
Hi guys,

I'm Iris from Holland so my English might be a bit off, sorry for that.

I got 3 baby keets of the Guinea Fowl when the were 2.5 weeks old from my neighbor. I raised them inside the house. First week they were like scarred loud things. But now the get to roam around the living room, the cats respect them deeply and come cuddle with me. Like really come sleep in my neck.
I decided two days ago to train them to fly/jump on my arm while I stand. It only took a few minutes and they understand it perfectly.

But everywhere I read guinea fowl are not tame. And are not easy to handle or trained. Don't like to be petted and nowhere I find they like to cuddle. So...is it really that weird how they are behaving and am I lucky. Or will they become more wild when they become adults? They are now between 8-9 weeks.
I put in two pictures so you can see they truely are guinea fowl


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Awwwww! I’m new to Guinea fowl, too. I had a keet randomly show up in my yard and put him in with my chicks of the same age. He is somewhat tame (doesn’t like me to pick him up, but once I catch him and set him in my lap, he settles down).

I have heard they get more feisty around breeding season (depending on whether they are male or female). Pretty sure mine’s a boy, so I’m making him a separate compartment within the large run for when breeding season comes around so he doesn’t hurt my hens and rooster but so he can also still see them.

I also saw this video on YouTube of a man who has a female who follows him everywhere, so I think it all depends on the situation. Most people here who know about Guinea fowl say they aren’t as friendly as chickens, but I’ve also seen people who fully believe roosters can’t be tamed once they show aggression (which I know from many years of experience isn’t necessarily true). I hope your Guineas remain to be nice and tame for you, and maybe they will :love.
First off, hello!

I ADORE the photo of your keets all nestled and napping on your shoulders. Beyond adorable! :love

Don't believe everything you read. From my experience, they do tend to become more "independent" as they get older. However, that doesn't mean that they will become skittish or not like having you around.

I have one guinea hen left from my original flock. I raised mine indoors as well and had lots to do with them. My Henny Guinea is 9 years old now and more tame than most chickens. She still has those guinea "quirks" but I love her to pieces. Keep up your current routine and you'll have some really sweet birds for life. :hugs



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