Taming Baby Chicks

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    Apr 2, 2016
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    I picked up 10 Silver Laced Wyandotte chick's from Bomgaars on 5/25 (1 week ago) they had just come in that day (I'm not sure how old they are when Bomgaars gets them). They are all penned up in my mud room (highly trafficked area of our home maybe that makes it worse). How do I tame the wild things down they about jump out of their feathers everytime someone is in there and they run away. When they're old enough they will go out to the coop but I had two ducklings in my house for 2 months and they got handled daily (even let them follow me around the house) and by the time they were old enough to go outside they were impossible to catch now even more so in their giant coop.
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    I'm no help, mine run in terror too. I haven't had much luck getting chicks to calm down, especially ones I didn't hatch. Mine always grow up to be friendly and stand in my way even without handling, but it can take until after they mature before they aren't so reactive to everything. So hopefully someone else has some useful tips, I have none.[​IMG]
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    I'm a new chicken owner myself, 8 weeks old tomorrow! We have 8, they always ran when we first tried to hold them or open the top to the brooder. But we just hung around hanging our hands in the cage, 2 were always very curious, four were so so and two were well "chicken". We would always have a yummy treat for them when we spent time with them, alfalfa or mealworms and we made sure to hold each one everyday! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Now they are in their run and come running to the door when we come out! Four are great and jump up on us, two will let us pick them up...on their terms and the 2 ":Dchickens" are still a little hard to catch but once we do they calm right down.

    It just takes time and patience! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Some people say don't catch them up against thier will, but I read that part too late. The more I hover over top of them, the more nervous they are, so I sit in a chair and try to look short. If I ever get another flock, the brooder will be on a table so we are more equal height.
    Anyway, I caught them because I know how much my mini Cockatoo loves to be pet, especially on his head, so I figured the chicks had to at least give it a try. So, mostly they fall asleep when we pet thier little head with the growth of the feathers. They like thier feet and little wings supported. Today I had to give one that still runs away, a warm bath on her butt, and wrapped her in a washcloth to hold her after, and she LOVES me now, and will come when encouraged.
    At first, I would let them go quickly if they were not in the mood to be cuddled. Now, like my dogs, they have to settle and not flip out before I release them. Just a quiet second or two, and they are rewarded with freedom. But if they tell me they are not in the mood, I have enough I just move on! About six of them come to me when they see my hands. You have to make them understand your hands deliver wondrous heavenly goodness to them. And I talk to them alot, and they often talk back. LOVES to be whistled to and listen to music.

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