May 22, 2018
In March 2016, I bought two diamond doves from a pet store (first problem). The pet store was completely clueless and it was clear the poor things had never been handled. They were very skittish. They’ve definitely bonded on each other, and that’s good, because when I can’t be around, they have each other, but I’ve been unable to really handle either of them. I open the door to their cage and try to coax them out, but they don’t even want to leave their cage. In the past, the only way to touch them was if they came out because then they didn’t mind me picking them up. Any suggestions to tame them? They coo all the time and seem pretty content but I would really like to be able to handle them. Thanks.


Oct 24, 2009
Diamond doves are naturally skittish and don't like to be touched, handled, picked up, and most won't every sit on your finger. Same as finches for example.

They are a hands off pet! They will get tame enough not to be scared of your around, and may feed from you hand eventually.

So long as the cage is large enough they will be fine. If they don't want to come out when the cage door is open then they must be happy enough in there. You could fix a perch to the inside and outside of the cage at the door... then they have an easy way to land and take off and can come and go from the cage as they wish without you having to catch them to put them away.

If you want a dove you can handle then the ringneck doves are very docile, and actually like to sit on your arm and also be petted.

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