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    Aug 16, 2011
    Only my Serama and Bantams are laying right now and that isn't enough to keep my family in eggs (especially for the holidays!) So we went to Target only to find EMPTY shelves and a sign saying that there will be shortages until further notice. Well, worried there might be an outbreak of some weird chicken disease I did what any one would do and I Googled it! Turns out Target, McDonald's and a few others dropped the egg supplier Sparbo. Some videos came out of the unsightly cruel way the animals were being treated.

    YAY TARGET!!!!! Another reason I prefer Target to Walmart...
    If you can't tell, this totally made my day! For about 2 weeks every year we just don't get eggs, so we have to buy them. I will happily go eggless if it means a greedy farm operation who is willing to put production before treating animals humanely goes down in flames!!!!


    Oh happy daaayyy!!

    (I really REALLY believe in treating all animals humanely. Yes, I love eggs my girls give me. I will NOT exploit them for it though! Oh, and the same goes for meat!)
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    Yay, Target! [​IMG]
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    Aug 16, 2011
    Totally missed it.... THANKS!!
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