Tarred & unfeathered chicken with a bum foot


10 Years
Jun 9, 2009
Following up on my previous post, my tarred and roughed-up hen seems to have lost the use of one foot. (I think she'd been hit by a car.)

She keeps it balled in a "fist". I gently felt around her body but nothing seemed out of place.

Any advice on how to rehab my unlucky girl?

who knows how long this poor chicken has been surviving "in the rough" ... might be a deficiency... give four drops of POLYVISOL enfamil formulation (no extra iron) once a day in beak for a week then taper off a week. A good general poultry supplement would probably do her a world of good too.
Limiting her movement in case an injury is involved will give her time to heal.
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Suspect there are some broken bones in that foot. I believe I'd try to splint it, if it can be repositioned to a more or less normal position. A lightweight piece of cardboard under the foot, then spread the foot out, then duct tape on top of the foot and stuck to the cardboard, and wrapped around the cardboard to secure.

I've never done this but seen lots of pics of similar splints, usually for newborns with curled toes.
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If she keeps it balled in a fist it seems that she can at least use her toes which is a good sign. She may be feeling pain that is causing her to clench it shut.

Is she putting weight on it? My hen (a side of road rescu as well- fell off a chicken truck- luckily!) Anyhow she rescently leaped down from her perch onto her food dish and broke her middle toe right at the joint (OWCH!) I wasnt sure what was wrong at first as she just kept it up and clenched.

Off to our vet we went(he looks at her for nothing) and he said she would be fine, just to watch it or infection and keep her 'rested' so it could heal- took a month. After day 3 she was putting weight on it again but had a hefty limp...gradually she would bear more and more weight on it.

Not sure what your hens issue is- seems like if she is clenching her toes there is some pain. Try a baby aspirin to see if that helps...but sometimes a little time often heals foot injuries. Just support her immune system the best you can and watch for everything- since she is new to you and you dont know her history watch her for any other symptoms.

I'm so glad she fell where you were able to find her. I aways say things like that happen on purpose!

Best wishes- keep us updated- oh, what did you name her!? has she laid any eggs!?


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