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    Ok folks that use this.. I am strongly considering switching.. have been using Blue Buffalo and was a bit put off by recent voluntary recall on dog food brand I use.. I am hoping to get some real time testimonies from those that use it.. I have had good results with the BB but hate that it has now fallen into ranks of recall land! I have a 77lb female lab who is 6.5 yrs old and was using the BB large breed.. in fact I have had her on large breed formulas since she was a puppy... I also have 3 cats.. a fluffy demon child who is 1.5 yrs old, a 4 yr. old one time barn cat who now likes to be inside more and goes out during the day to kill chipmunks and other wildlife... and finally a 12.5 yr old male cat who had to have surgery a little over 2 years ago for bladder stones.. I have not had problems with him since but am monitoring and fearful.. he has also put on a substantial amount weight ( had got really skinny during this time) and looks much better.. still can feel his back bone but probably weighs in around 10 lbs or so..

    Any input and advice on the formulas would be helpful.. I contacted the company and they sent me a box packed with sample bags of all the products.. so far the animals are eating it but I have mixed it with current food. I would be leaning toward the high prairie blend and the non fish blend ( not recalling name) for the cats.. I have used primarily chicken or beef blends over the years..

    Thanks in advance, Melissa, Baylee, Fuzz, Moo, and Baloo
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    We've fed our Golden Retriever the lamb and rice formula since she was a puppy.
    She's always had a gorgeous red coat and she's always been healthy. We buy the Costco brand but will get it from Petsmart in a pinch.
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    I feed TOTW Pacific Stream to my 2 dogs. I have boston terriers and one has really bad skin allergies. Her allergies were so bad that even steroid injections weren't helping more than about a week. I did a lot of research on dod food and decided on TOTW. They have been eating TOTW for a year and a half now, and it has helped so much she doesn't get injections anymore. Also Boston's tend to be on the "gassy" side, and with them on TOTW Pacific Stream, we do not have that problem. [​IMG] Hope this helped some, I have not fed it to my cats because they are 14 years old and refuse to make any type of food change [​IMG]
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    Quote:TOTW doesn't come in lamb and rice nor is it sold at costco or petsmart.
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    I just switched one of my dogs who has thyroid and skin issues to TOTW Pacific Stream Formula. I originally wanted the Sierra Mountain formula which is the lamb one but my local TSC doesn't carry that one. There are several pet stores in the area that do but TSC is a bit cheaper. Both of these formulas have lower fat and protein than the other two TOTW formulas.
    So far so good. Sarah is no longer itchy and she loves the food. I had been feeding Pedigree (which I still do to my other three dogs due to financial reasons) Before that I had used California Natural. The dogs did great on that food but when the economy crashed and the dog food companies jacked up their prices and made the bags smaller I had to switch to a cheaper brand. And since California Natural (and the other Natura foods Innova and Evo) are now owned by Proctor and Gamble I won't switch back no matter how much they claim the food hasn't changed.
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    Aug 15, 2008
    I'm a huge fan of TOTW I promote it to anyone I can. It's such a good product for the money. Here are some posts I've made recently as testimonials for TOTW I have said on this forum.

    I have 2 Chihuahua boys who would vomit occasionally, and I could never figure out why they did it. Since I have put them both on TOTW, there is no vomiting. Not to mention how much they have fluffed out and leaned up.

    My dog Milo whom I've already mentioned, has never had soft fur. It was always course and scratchy, since I switched him to TOTW he has soft plush fur. Along with his increased energy, weight loss, and strengthened his gimpy leg.

    I have a Pyr that just had puppies 4 weeks ago and good nutrition is very important for her too. Often you will see nursing dogs get really skinny and their teeth and hair quality goes to pot. She gets canned (4health) food with TOTW and has a slick smooth coat and nice teeth, she isn't anorexic-ly skinny, and her pups are wonderfully healthy and growing well.

    I suggested TOTW to my Psychology professor, whose older poodle has extreme allergies which made it difficult for her to find a worthy food for him. She bought Pacific Stream for him a couple weeks ago, and she told me how he loves it, and he's had no side effects or reactions to the ingredients.
    I can't say enough of good things about that food. I'm always trying to show it to people, lol. I bet they think I'm crazy

    Hope this helps! You are making a great decision for your dogs and cats. It's amazing how good food can improve every aspect of your dogs well being.​
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    ~*Sweet Cheeks*~ :

    Quote:TOTW doesn't come in lamb and rice nor is it sold at costco or petsmart.

    Actually TOTW just introduced a lamb formula (no rice) ~ but it is not available everywhere yet.
    Taste of the Wild: Sierra Mountain CanineĀ™ Formula with Roasted Lamb

    My German Shepherd Dogs were on Eukanuba when they came from the breeder. My female did not tolerate it well as it caused runny poops and gas. I switched them to Solid Gold Wolf cub and they did better ~ but still gas! I then found TOTW and love it. It is grain free and highly rated by multiple dog food analysis websites.

    I tried all three of the original flavors and they like them all. The Pacific Stream (fish) does not have quite as much protein (25%) and it make their poop stink like fish. Wetlands (duck) has 32% and the new lamb has 25% protein. I finally settled on the High Prairie (bison) (32% protein) and it works very well for us. I have all 3 dogs on it and my old beagle has lost weight ~ less carbs due to grain and has a lot more energy. They also have soft shiny coats.

    I also have my 3 cats on the Rocky Mountain cat formula (venison & salmon) also grain free (42% protein) and they are doing very well on it. It has lowered their body fat and has made their coats soft and shiny. The vet is amazed at the condition of the older ones who do not look or acts their ages ~ 16 & 14. The other cat formula is Canyon River (trout & salmon) has only 32% protein.

    Taste of the Wild website

    TOTW does cost slightly more than some other foods, but you can feed less due to the quality of the ingredients and it is free of grain and other useless fillers. To me it is well worth the cost to keep my best friends healthy and happy!​
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    I feed TOTW to my Boxer, Jack Russell, and Ragdoll cat. The dogs prefer the High Prairie (yellow bag) formula. It has helped with the Boxer's skin/grain allergies and to keep weight on the very active JR. I've been happy with both dogs body condition and overall health, though neither appear very 'shiny' in my opinion. The lack of shine could be that the JR is mostly white, but the Boxer is Brindle. My cat really prefers his TOTW. He especially loves the canned version. He is healthy and maintains a nice weight on this feed. We only have one TOTW feline variety in our area (a green bag with a picture of a Mountain Lion on the front). Hope this helps!
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    My dogs had gorgeous coats on TOTW. However my Great Dane puppy didn't gain weight on it the way she should have. My others did wonderful on it with weight. I think that may be a GD issue though as I have heard of some others not gaining as pups on it.

    I did a price comparison with it based on how much I fed compared to what Pedigree brand recommends feeding. TOTW came out to cost (per feeding) just a few dollars more then Pedigree. So it really isn't that much more for a high quality food [​IMG]

    I have now switched to Diamond Naturals for Large Breeds and for Small Breeds. It is one of the better quality grain inclusive foods. My GD is eating more but still isn't putting much weight on so I may switch back to TOTW.

    Less food = less poop.

    Oh I wanted to add: As far as the weight issue, I also add an egg per feeding to the GDs bowl. That hasn't helped either. She is 11 months old and only weighs 80 lbs.
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    I am on my first bag of TOTW. switched from Diamond puppy and Diamond Natural beef and rice. TOTW is made by Diamond BUT although Diamond is good the ingredients in TOTW is still better. I threw out the bag but I think I got the salmon one.

    My old newfie with skin problems isn't quite as greasy as normal and my cavalier whom I'm afraid is developing allergies doesn't seem as itchy and "dandruffy".

    The puppies love it and so does my bichon who is a really picky eater.

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