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Jun 1, 2008
I said once I was done having kids I was going to get all their names tattoo'd on me. Well, I am done. I was thinking a rib piece of some sort of flower(delicate)and somehow incorporating their names in the leaves/vines/stems maybe? I have 7 kids so this is a daunting task. I want them to go in the order of birth, not convenience of the tattoo.

kids names are not going to be revealed, only to the person that may be able to help me. I don't mind paying someone for their art either. I asked the tat guy that did my last one and he didn't seem too ambitious about it. My neices husband does mostly tribal I want someone who will make the piece their own and are interested in it, ya know?
if it helps I will tell you how many letters are in each kids name.
1. 9 letters
2. 9 "
3. 5 "
4. 6 "
5. 4 "
6. 9 "
7. 6 "

so, anyone game?
Hi Krista! Just that you have 7 children is daunting to me.
Good luck and I hope you find something that is pleasing.
What type of flowers do you like? Saw a cute one where the flower was made with each petal a letter. I will doodle some, however, IMHO, always better to have the design done by the one tattooing, so they can do what you like.
I think you need just a general artist, not necessarily a tattoo artist for this. I don't know any tattoo artists that would draw something (even if they were paid) then have someone else tattoo it. There are all kinds of things that the tattooer could mess up, that the original artist would not be happy with. I would recommend going to more tattoo parlors in your area.
Find examples of the design you have in mind. Sometimes it's easier to modify an existing idea then to pull one out of the air. It also takes less time for the artist/tattooist, cause frankly, most people don't want to pay us for the actual time it takes to create something.
Find someone else in your area. It's perfectly fine to "interview" tattoo artists. After all, you have to live with what they do, or spend $$$ to get it fixed/removed. 7 names is an awful lot, have you thought about birthstone colors or something similar? My MIL just got a moon with stars on her ankle. Each star represents our birthstones (me (which was nice), her kids and then the grandkids).
Too bad you aren't closer to me; there is a tattoo artist who draws her own GORGEOUS designs here in town (her kids are in DS10's 4H club). She would be perfect to help you design a beautiful piece of artwork and then get it from paper to skin. Good luck!
agreed! btw, I tried to check out your page but saw you took your work down. Sorry to hear you've been having trouble with thieves but hope it doesn't slow your business.

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