Teaching/Learning among new friends


Nov 16, 2020
Bethel, Maine
Years ago a nice family from upstate NY moved into an old farm house not far from us. They started a small hobby farm and had a few animals, chickens among them. They had a rooster that was getting very mean, attacking the kids. They didn't know what to do. My 10 year old daughter Chelsie was my devoted assistant with all things chicken related at our house. She had just helped me with butchering many of our chickens when we were visiting with our new neighbors. While the adults were in the house the kids were outside playing when their rooster started in on the kids. She knew how to handle it. She caught the rooster and chopped his head off with an axe, just as she had watched me do just days earlier with our birds! Moral of the story- if a 10 year old girl can do what has to be done so can you...Of course she is my daughter, LOL.
The girl in my photo is her middle daughter, the one most like her. All 3 girls have very different personalities. I don't get to be around then enough to be sure she's passed it on but I know she's a great mother to those girls! I'm so proud of her :)

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