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Mar 14, 2009
Well today was quail processing day. I had 3 kids who wanted to learn, 1 boy and two girls. I showed Stephen how to do the first one, helped with the 2nd one and he's off..... It was pretty easy actually.

The girls watched for a couple, and when they saw how easy and quick/painless it was they started in too. Since there is nothing to do, and I'm getting a serving platter filled with jumbo's I thought I'd sit back, have a beer and tell all of you that I am breaking every child labor law ever known tonight
Your so funny.. I love reading your posts..

At least your teaching them a life lesson. It may come in handy one of these days.. Better to do it now. Than to grow up thinking, thats gross.. Hey I used to watch my grandpa and uncles clean and skin deer when I was only 3. I also watched my grandma, mom, and aunt cut and wrap it all.. As soon as I could hold a knife I began helping put the meat in the freezer. In my early teens I finally got to skin one.. I even tried to tan the hide. But it was so cold that year. I was told I had to do it outside and not the garage. I gave up..

Never processed a quail yet. Hope to do that with in the next year.. I need a place to keep the quail first.. The Buttons can stay indoors. But the bigger ones, no... Hubbys orders..
That's great! We teach our grandson everything. We want him to be able to look back on the memories of everything we've taught him. I think its awesome what you're doing hun.

Thanks, we try
I get a lot of kids from Metro Detroit so a lot of them have no Idea where our food comes from, and with upgrading my license to a group home, obviously I had to do some creative things to feed the family without breaking the budget... ie quail and a bigger than usual garden

I could be out there doing it, but this way they learn. I suppose I'll brown some of them in the big skillet, and finish them off in a bed of rice with veggies and potato's
Anyone got a fancy recipe they want to share? I usually don't do fancy but I suppose these kiddo's deserve a feast tonight!
ps niki - I showed them your thread and how to's before I started the cutting
Thanks for the great info and links. I wanted to get started, and reading your big post I was able to become coturnix obsessed
Hmmm how fancy you want? got any lemons handy? What's on hand? I'm sure I got something you can use.

How about:

Herbed Quail Butter (about 6 quail)

In a food processor toss:

a stick of butter, a 1/2 cup of herbs (basil, chives, lemon peel, rosemary, etc.) pinch of salt (if unsalted butter) and blend the tar outta it.

Take a basting brush and paint the quail butter onto the quail.

broil (or grill) dabbing on more butter mix as needed, untill done (I use thermometers so I don't know how long).

Serve over wild rice with a fresh salad.

That fancy enough for you? or are we talking french wine sauces?
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i know you go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay fancy Mrs Saddi!!! Lemme have it!!!! but it'll have to be for next time because I already started cooking!

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