Teaching my kids a thing or 3............


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May 1, 2009
Mason WV
Think about killing one every night before going to sleep & in 4 weeks you will be able to do it with no problem or you will go a little phyco one or the other.


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Mar 14, 2009
i could give you a blow by blow if you wanted to know .. It isn't as hard as you think though. Niki has a great thread and how to. The trick is to stun the bird quickly so the whole process is immediate and painless to the critter. Teaching the kids would have been much easier if I had done it indoors with running water, but the wife was home and she wasn't raised around this sort of stuff. As long as it's out of sight she'll eat it. If she has to help "do the deed" she wont....

As far as the taste, my foster daughter tells me it tastes sort of like chicken, but it tastes like quail
Much less gamier than quail you hunt, but I suppose that's because they are grain fed, and are raised off the ground
Oh yeah, and I feed them some sweat feed mix as treats once in a while.

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