Teeny tiny polish baby!


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Hi all,
My 50 chicks are just over 3 weeks old now. I thought I had 4 little polish girls; 2 white crested black polish, and 2 white polish. The weather has been warm here, so the kids got to go into their yard for the last 4 days off and on. The largest group I counted outside at one time was 30, so I wasn't sure if all of them had been out or not.

Due to the bad weather coming in today, they were all inside. I was looking them over as they were in a feeding frenzy for the grapes I provided as a treat, and saw a tiny white polish with a greyish back. It was a tiny little polish that I had somehow overlooked. We have a light with a canopy the kids can hide under to stay warm, and the little thing must have always managed to stay out of sight!

Any suggestions on what I can do for the little darling to help her catch up? She is way smaller than the others. Any treat suggestions? More water and sunshine? LOL!
I have had a few hatch that are normal size and than 3 or 4 that are small, tiny, runtish. lol But they seem to be fine so far hopefully someone can help you out.
Some one told me more protein to help them feather out and they said hard boiled eggs.So I did and the little one or the roo maybe has caught up not in size but close
its has more feathers and is very healthy we think his egg rolled to the wrong room. lol It could be a runt or a roo. Only time will tell he figured out how to keep up.

They are 6 weeks old.
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