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This is a thread for everyone who likes to brag about their chickens and tell about their personalities, likes, dislikes, egg colors, etc, etc!Come and talk about your chickens!

I'll start:

Gracie:Gracie is my absolute favorite chicken. She is lovable, friendly, curious, a lap hog, affectionate, funny and docile. She lays light brown and smooth eggs about every other day. She got frostbite last year on her foot and now is weak and isn't very good at balancing. She likes rice, fruits, veggies, bread, eggs, noodles and some other stuff. She is two years old. Gracie goes to bed (roost) early and gets up early. She loves me so much that she would rather sit on my lap than free range with her sisters. Gracie is such a good chicken!

Sunny:Sunny is also a tame buff orpington. She loves to sit on my lap, eat from my hand, peck at my shoes and announce to the world. She is a very vocal chicken! I don't think there has ever been a day where she hasn't been loud! She loves to get her point across and talk! Sunny will eat anything!
She lays large, brown eggs with speckles and is two years old. She likes to sleep as high off the ground as possible. She goes to bed early and gets up late. She is a very pretty chicken!

Daisy:Daisy is yet another buff orpington. She is also docile, affectionate and calm. She doesn't like table scraps. She only likes rice, mealworms and scratch as her treats. She had a near death experience this spring where she had an infection in her throat and also had a crop problem. Going to sleep early and getting up late she is just like Sunny. Daisy has just recently started laying light medium brown eggs. She is about 30 weeks old. She is very calm and doesn't like to take risks or go off exploring a place she has never been.

Rosie:Rosie is Daisy's "sister" whom she grew up with. They are very different from each other though! Rosie is as curious as a chicken can get. She takes big risks, wanders off on her own, chases wild birds and rabbits, jumps around, runs everywhere, falls down a lot on account of her bolting and jumping, loves to sit on my shoulder and likes to try everything! LOL She also has just recently started laying small creamy eggs. She is also 30 weeks old and is a speckled sussex. Taking advantage of each day, she goes to sleep very late, (staying outside even in the dark) and gets up early. Rosie also eats anything and gulps down the biggest pieces! Crazy basically sums up Rosie!

Quanie:Quanie is a very independent and shy easter egger. She hates being held and cuddled. She has never had a buddy or friend and prefers to just hang with herself. She lays blue eggs and is two weeks old. She only eats what she wants and when she wants. Getting up early and going to bed late, she is a lazy chicken. She was my first ever chicken. She had egg binding once which she survived. She is a gorgeous chicken!

I love my flock and enjoy getting to see their distinct personalties!

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Lady Marigold:
Lady Marigold is my Brown Leghorn Hen and she was my first ever Chicken!
She is bossy, crazy, greedy, beautiful, clever, loving, protective, affectionate and slightly messy.... :p
She lays large White Eggs.
Her favourite foods are Birdseed, Mealworm, Eggs, and Lettuce!
She is about 2-3 years old.
Lady Marigold loves Free-ranging with her best friend Lovey!


Lovey is my Golden Brahma Hen.
She is gentle, loving, caring and brilliant!
She lays little Pink Eggs.
Her favourite foods are Birdseed, Mealworm, and Corn.
I don't know how old she is....
She was kept in horrible conditions and she had Lice, Mites and her eyes were swollen, she could hardly see anything...
But, we took her home to live with us!
We've helped her fight her Mites and her Lice, her eyes are so much better and she is now best friends with Lady Marigold! :)


(Lovey and Lady Marigold.) :love
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Lady Egglantine:
Lady Egglantine is one of my new Hens!
She is a Vorwerk Hen!
She lays little White\Pink Eggs.
I still have to get to know her, but she seems a lot like Lady Marigold! :)


Fluttershy is also one of my new Hens!
She is a Bielefelder Hen!
She hasn't started laying yet.
I still have to get to know her better, but she seems a lot like Lovey! :)
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Oh, love this thread!! I will get some pics up of my girls very soon. Right now it looks like rain outside and I need to head out now.

Keep the Bragging going...LOVE IT!!! :)
Here is my all time favorite hen. Miss Molly. I can't describe how much this bird is loved...

She has suffered from many issues and diseases throughout her life....Bumblefoot, MS (Mycoplasma Synoviae which caused her Anorexia, Liver Disease, and Lameness), Chronic Sour Crop, and most recently she had a stroke. She is slowing down way down now. But she knows she is my baby. She knows her name, comes when called, defends "Her" lap, and I just know there can't be a sweeter bird anywhere on the planet!!! There will be a huge hole in my heart when this bird passes. (You said I could gloat on my flock....

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