Tell me about Bantam egg laying, please

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Nigellas, Jun 23, 2008.

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    Quote:[​IMG] Are you crazy?[​IMG] What do you get from many other pet breeds (snakes, turtles, fishes, hamster, rabbits, guinea pigs,squirrels, chinchillas, lizards, tarantulas, etc.)?
    Maybe just dogs, cats and some breeds of birds ducks/bantams/standard size chickens give you some attention (plus some eggs by birds).
    It's just not right to call a bantam owner useless, even more knowing that you are in this forum which is a forum for people that love poultry, where they should respect each other. Anyway as you don't have this point of view I feel free to say that your way of thinking has a 99% probability of come from a useless brain.

    lol at us we're about 2 years too late

    hahahahaha!!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] lol
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    Even though this is a super old topic, I am going to comment! I have a mix of mutt bantams that I consistently get eggs out of. It is Jan 1 and they are still laying. They have bred themselves and raised chicks, their eggs are super market size small. They cost me nothing to feed except for winter as they are excellent foragers. Super hearty, I can't say enough good. They lay about an egg every second day. They are small so you can actually have twice the chicken in the same space.
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    Quote:Don't think a bantam can't demolish a garden/plants [​IMG] I thought I was getting all full sized girls, but wound up with a gorgeous little bantam. Don't know what breed or mix she is and she just started laying at 6 1/2 months, but has layed 3 eggs in 3 days. They are small - a bit smaller than small grocery store eggs, but bigger than I expected given her tiny size. She is less than 1/4 the size of my other 4 girls. Most bantams are very good fliers and can therefore get to the forbidden plants kept up on the deck, etc. She is a little darling and I wouldn't give her up for anything but she requires much more supervision than my big girls.
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    my bantam lay an egg one 09272576181 that my mobile number can you suggest any technique how to hath the egg
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    [​IMG] I have one you can borrow... [​IMG]
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    Quote :
    "We must get our pound of your punishment will be ????

    --hug a bantam........."

    [​IMG] I have one you can borrow...
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    I had a dutch bantam. She did lay 4/5 time a week! She actually laid an egg on the car ride from the person who I bought her from! She was great, very flighty but great. My EE never layed consistently. Weird how people have such different experiences with the same breed huh
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    I have 3Dutch Bantam hens they are good layers. Their eggs are small, but oh so cute, also, I agree with a previous post about the size of their yolks being large in comparison to the size of the egg.
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    I do alot of canning especially pickled eggs and wanna pickle some smaller tah the average egg.So id like some good layers!After i find what i want where would i get them?
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    I have two Buff Cochin Bantams and they both lay 6-8 eggs a week. I have been saving up my banty eggs JUST for pickling, they are smooth and creamy and just delightfully Delicious little eggs!!!
    65 bantam eggs made three beautiful quart jars around twenty eggs per jar...People just rave about them! here is a pick of my last jar, but I have enough saved up to do more.[​IMG]

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