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Can anyone please tell me about Dewlap Toulouse? I am looking for info from personal owners, not large scale breeders. I want to know about their personalities, feeding? breeding problems? anything really. I looked at them last year but they were too expensive to order. I found some locally though, Dewlap Gander x Production Goose, and I am getting a pair of babies this weekend. I am super excited, the daddy is just BEAUTIFUL.

The owner/breeder said the dewlap looks carry over more to the female offspring than the male so i am hoping that there won't be any breeding troubles later on.

Thanks everyone
They are not easy geese to breed, but with the production cross you should not have problems, but they won't be dewlap toulouse, they will be mutts.

They won't have the depth of keel of the exhibition (dewlap) toulouse, which causes some of the breeding issues. They also are not the easiest to hatch, but again the production blood will probably eliminate that problem, however you will not have the dewlap type (body type/conformation).

There are many other threads referencing the personality of the geese. Like any overly tame gander, overbabied ganders can be overly aggressive during breeding season (no respect for your space), but they are kinda the couch potatoes of the goose world.
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If you check the Breeds section I did do a page of information about the Dewlaps. They are generally placid and simply plod about and dont range very far. We maintain ours on graze and waterfowl pellets. They love shallow paddling pools about 3 inches deep and spend a lot of there time dabbling in the water and using these for mating. They have a larger pool about 10 inches deep for bathing. Over all they are very large, placid and friendly though like any geese the males become territorial in the breeding season.

Often reported as difficult to breed and to hatch. I find our younger males have good fertility but our older male's fertility drops by the end of April. He's a large show bird but still managed to sire babies this year with 2 females. However, care is taken with their diet and vitamin supplements to ensure breeding condition by February.

The eggs are often difficult to hatch and many breeders report high incidences of late dead in shell. It is the fertility and difficulty in hatching that often puts people off but they really are lovely birds.

I mostly just want happy, healthy birds and I will likely let them do their own thing when it comes to breeding season and hatching eggs. If they have babies that'd be great but if not then I will still have some beautiful geese. It is pretty wet around here at times so maybe with the ProductionX they will be able to get around easier, want to range farther and be a little cleaner?

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