Tell me about game breed rooster temperment


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May 16, 2011
North Pole, Alaska 99705
It's hard to find out about temperments of the roosters aside from agressive toward other roos. Most available is either about roo vs. roo and hen traits. Please enlighten me. (all these questions are based on a year old bird)

How do they react to raptor attacks and ravens?
How do they fare against fox attacks?
How do they fare against weasel or mink?
Do they get the hens safe then attack the intruder or go straight into attack?
Are they excessivly rough on hens?
Do they have abnormally large spurs?
How would he respond to a new flock of young hens (tweens) after being in a separate cage next to them for a while?
How do they behave toward turkeys, ducks, and geese (adults and tweens)?
Are they easy to handle by humans?
Do they tend to be agressive to their humans?
How do they do being alone in a cage for a long time? (would have to be caged thru the winter)

Thanks for the information
Ya know, most of it REALLY depends on the cocks personality. The OEG I have, pictured below, doesn't act agressive towards humans or other chickens. He would rather run away than fight most of the time. Every once in awhile he may pick on new flock members but all chickens do that...I have seen other OEG's that will attack other chickens and humans actively too though. My cock got scared one time and just took off into the woods and left the hens to fend for themselves lmao but I've seen many cockerls that will stand and fight to the death for their hens.


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