Tell me about shotguns (and a little about pellet guns)


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Feb 12, 2008
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So... I know an additional gun will be in order for me to keep the tasty treats (aka chickens) safe. I sold my .223 mini-14, it was really hard to sight in b/c the barrel gets hot. I am trying to decide if it would be better to buy a shotgun or a pellet gun w/ the proceeds. We have a .17 and a .357 mag.

I would like a gun with deterrent ability, as in when the neighbor's dog is looking around the chicken run. I am going to electric fence it and try to make it very safe for the chickens, I have no doubt their dog will be over at least once, they are 'artists' and don't believe in fencing their dog in

Based on my chicken-raising neighbor's experience, I expect to have some problems with skunks. It would be nice if I could dispatch them with the .17 from far away. Is that reasonable? We have a huge Nikon scope on the .17, and use it for prairie dog control on our ranch.

So PLMK what gun a girl like me needs in order to protect my flock. I would like to have the option of lethal or non-lethal shooting. I thought about a Mossberg 500 with the light and laser sight, as it sounds like a good solution for Things That Come In The Night To Eat Chickens. Or would pellet shot in my .357 be sufficient? If so, I'd give more thought to a pellet gun.


Disclaimer: I have been shooting guns since I was old enough to hold one, and am very familiar with gun safety, etc. Grandpa, however, has discharged a gun in the house - twice. AND he shot a skunk in the cellar once. UFFFFFFF.
I don't mess with pellet guns. I am more of a shotgun guy. In my opinion, the best shotgun for the money is a Remington 870 12 gauge. I have one and I love it. Very durable and I have hunted lots with it. I don't have any problems with it. Around here you can buy one new for $300. I bought mine used for $125.

If you use a really light load or rock salt rounds, it should be a good deterrent. Plus, if/when that doesn't work, you can always upgrade loads and put the animal down.
I have used a 1000fps pellet rifle and a .22 pellet rifle. I wouldn't use them for anything than a point blank shot into the ear. For real control. I say go for a shot gun. Personally. If I have to shoot an animal, I make sure it is lethal, as a "hull breach" can get infected which would call for a long slow death for the animal.
I agree with silkiechicken about the preference for lethal shots. I shoot to kill but understand that many people try to deter first. I know a man who shot at his neighbor's dog to deter it and managed to hit it, only for it to run back and die in a 5 year old girl's arms. My general rule is that if I am shooting at something, I am putting it down, but since the original poster wanted info on shotguns for deterring animals, I added the bit about lighter loads.
Shotgun all the way. The remington 870 12ga would be a great choice. Not my choice of course, but I'm a gun snob, but if you want a good gun for a good price the 870 is great.
I like the 870 to I was looking at it on there website a couple of weeks ago. I like having a pellet gun to so you can just pop a dog off your land if it looks like it is trying to cause trouble.
Sorry, NO LIGHT LOADS, if I have to use my shotgun, it is with 3" mags and triple 0 buckshot. Then my main predator is bear. Still any time you need to shoot something, use a load that will kill it outright. If it happens t be the neighbor's dog, bury it and say NOTHING.
I think Meesh was asking for some light predator control ,not something that will stop a bear.

If you want something that most people in the family can shoot,without being afraid of the gun,you need a light accurate gun.


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