Tell Me About Your Pets Silly Quirks.....


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Heres Dyson...
He has a bag fetish. Anytime we leave a bag around, any bag, he grabs it and runs off with it. He either hides them in the woods or in his pig house. He'll drag them around the yard and "play" with them all day long..then stash them in "hidden" spots around bedtime....
What a goof ball.

(excuse my annoying voice...
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My husband has a naughty ringneck dove. She is definitely his bird, and if I dare to touch her, she trots off in a huff, perches on a chair leg far away, and waggles her tail in a sassy manner. If I pretend to peck at seeds with my fingers, she gapes, gives me the stink eye, and ruffles her feathers until I leave. She coos a greeting whenever "her man" comes home from work, and lets him stroke her under her wings. XD

Our tiny black cat is full of quirks. She really likes to nest in my sock drawer, and has gone streaking around the house in my underwear more than once... She also has this creepy habit of peering from the window blinds until we come home ("where were you!? Been up all night, worried sick."). One of our neighbors actually had a nightmare about the way she peeks out. It's very Bates motel.

Not even getting into our cattle dog. She is a quirk.
My cat, Peaches, finds shavers/razors and carries them around when he wants fed! He likes to dig towels that lie on the floor, he'll grab them lay on his side and bite and kick with his back feet. He will ONLY drink water if his bowl is IN the tub. Not outside of it, it HAS to be IN the tub!
Our Jack Russell Terrier, Bella, thinks she is super queen of our domain. The funniest thing though is the fact that she has crowned hubbie as KING! HE makes the sun rise and set! You should see her eyes when he walks into the room. Her body turns into a puddle of love and she's all waggy tail and google eyes. She's always on his lap. If she does happen to be sleeping in another chair or on the couch and he gets up to go get tea or something, she suddenly snaps out of her sleep and runs after him. When he goes outside she will whine at the windows and worry and worry until he comes back in.
When he drives into town and leaves completely, I have to end up telling her to be quiet because she has mild anxiety attacks about him returning.
Each night when I come home by myself I go through the house to open the back door to let her in ~ she ALWAYS runs past me, runs through the house (looking for him!) and when she doesn't find him, as a last resort, she will come up to me and want me to pet her and pick her up!
And, you know what? Sometimes I just don't... because she's not the boss of me! If I wasn't first pick then forget it! LOL
Red that video was too adorable (your voice is lovely, but I understand......I hate the sound of my own
) His happy little tail never stops waggin' and the soft little grunts

I think most of our critters have quirks.............they need them to be able to live with us (ok, mostly they need them to put up with me
) Will have to think on some of their quirkier stuff.
I, er, have a very licky Siamese. And her scratchy tongue can get annoying! It is cute when it is a quick one or two licks, but I have woken up in the middle of the night so many times to her licking my cheek, or hands, or nose. Just today she started licking my shirt when I wasn't paying attention to her (how dare I check my email!).
I think all cattle dogs are a quirk within themselves... LOL
I got mine as a horseback riding buddy... she is scared of her own shadow, rain, leaves, grass.... definitely won't go along with me on rides.

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