tell me they are all boys


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Sep 3, 2008

the one at the back is 8 weeks
the others are 9 weeks



and do u know what breed the brown ones may be?
but golden comets have white tail tips and the males are white
In picture 1, I see 2 roos and a hen. The one in the back has less wattle and comb development than the other of the same color. Just my opinion.
To me the only one who is a definte roo is the one in the middle. The black one MAY be, but my hen has big wattles and comb, so you may have to just wait and see on that one:


If they're only 8 and 9 weeks old, I'd guess by the size of combs and wattles that they are all boys. But I had 5 roosters pegged by 7 or 8 weeks, and only 2 of them are boys... my opinions worth what you paid for it! LOL
All cockerels EXCEPT for the bird in the first picture...third one back.

She's the only one I'm having misgivings about....the others are all male.

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