Tell me this is a pullet (serious case of denial)


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May 9, 2008
Central Iowa
This is a chick hatched from one of the last eggs my EE laid this year (she is still on moulting leave apparently) S/he is almost 8 weeks old. Mama was an EE as I stated and I'm 99% sure that the papa is my black copper roo.

I am leaning toward male because of the pink/red color that developed this past week. BUT the comb isn't raised at all yet. It is very flat - so that makes me think girl.

Besides the fact that s/he eats like a growing teenage boy - what do you all think?



Note the bread I used to bribe him to stay. Yes he has thick legs - but so does mom.

I love this bird but can't keep it if it is a roo. S/he comes running to me all the time and thinks I'm her personal chew toy - like a teething puppy.
The stance says pullet to me.

My EE hen still looks like a boy because of her posture, but is a girl - nice rounded feathers. Just keep watching for those bad pointy feathers, that's when you know (or if it starts to crow, but
not!!). I've found that my EE's have been the hardest to sex. They change so much. Right now I have one that says girl in every way accept for it's comb which has been red for a while, but has stayed small - it's a rose comb. The bird acts like a girl, and has not shown any roosterish behavior, and I'm hoping it stays that way!

By the way, I think your birds name should be Raven, boy or girl!
Thank you.

When she used to lay they were a lovely shade of green.
I want this girl to be a pullet so I can get olive eggs and I want mom to start laying again. It's been about 11 weeks since she last laid. - I think its time to put a light in the coop, the days have been getting to short.

I have one daughter that is laying from her - her eggs are tan with brown speckles (I think).

Bubby (the mom) is very picky about who she mates with and when and it is hard to get a fertile egg from her. This is her daughter Chubby Bubby:

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