Tell me what this quail looks like to you.. Looks hyrbrid to me.

Sunny the Hippie Chick

11 Years
Sep 8, 2008
Brookings Oregon
Thats what I was thinking. But the bird does have white on its throat. Golden Coturnix dont, do they.
They say they are speckled. I dont know if they are talking about the birds or the eggs. And they say they have carmel button quail too. I thought those were not available in the U.S.
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I think this is just a mistake too. To my knowlege there has been no recorded hybrid of these two species.

They Look Like Button Babies To Me... As Far As The Colors They Claim---- I Always Take Anything I Read Off Of Ebay With A Grain Of Salt... What They Think Or Call A Speckled May Be Wild, Or Carmel Maybe Be Known As Another Color In The Real Quail World If You Know What I Mean?

I Get Eggs Off Of Ebay--- Have In The Past, And Continue To Do So. The Best Advice I Can Tell You Is Buyer Beware. I'm Sure You All Have Tried It As Well And Basically What They Tell You May Or May Not Be True And/or Correct For Any Number Of Reasons..

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