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Are ducks right for my situation?

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If I maintain three ducks that weigh approximately 5 lbs. each in a house and run that will provide each duck about 52 square feet of space each, would I be able to maintain happy, healthy ducks in a humane setting or would this be a recipe for disaster?

Some important things to consider:

1. The run floor would be sand on top of pea gravel to cut down on mud and they would have access to a small tub of water in the run in addition to their food and waterers.

2. Because of my work/school schedule, I might not be able to let them out to free range in the yard on a daily basis.

3. A lot of people here claim that ducks smell. I am a very clean person (people don't realize I have two shedding long hair house cats unless they see them), but I also have lazy moments like anyone else. I am worried about this set-up being constantly filthy, stinking and annoying the neighbors.

So, will this situation provide for a big, stinky mess? I would like to have ducks around for entertainment and eggs, but I don't want to do it unless I can make sure the conditions I could provide for them would not be problematic or cruel.

Based on your responses here, I will decide whether or not to have ducks. I have been reading about them for weeks, but I do not want to have them unless they will be happy with what I have to offer.

Why tempt fate? Chicken hens would give you eggs and they provide entertainment also. Not saying ducks would definitely not work, but compared to the two, and with your criteria, I would go with chickens.
I need more info!

The 100 or so feet of space is that house and run combined?
How large is your overall yard when you can let them out?
How close to the neighbors is the run located?
Where would you dump the small tub of water? (that can have a lot to do with smell)

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