Tell us about your one special chook!


Apr 17, 2019
I learn more about their little personalities every day and would love to hear your stories about the one little guy/gal that is special or just holds a special place in your heart!
Mine would be Boof a silkie pullet. She has always been the one that gets into something that she shouldn’t, as a chick was always the one that pooped on you or would launch onto you out of nowhere. Now she is a more settled and content little lady who looks into my sole when she is content and relaxed (never had a bird do that before! Kind of like the way my sweet old dog use to!). She still finds a way to launch onto me though if I don’t pick her up in time!
All my babies are special to us in their own ways, but I have two (one chick and one duckling) that are truly my special favorite's.
First is Beaker who was passed off as a "FREE" silkie chick, only problem is the breeder didn't tell me she was cross beaked! I took her anyways of course.
The next is Moon, my daughter works for TSC and while taking care of ALL those ducklings in the tank Moon was the only one that didn't freak out and run. She is mostly blind (which is how she got her name from my 5yr old) and has hip defects that causes her to have difficulty walking.
When a mink got into my coop overnight, Honey, a Buff Orpington, was the only survivor. She was clinging to the top roost as the others were all slaughtered. Once she recovered from the trauma and got new coop mates, she became the Chicken Queen. She now keeps all the others in line and has taught them to run up the steps to the back door and beg for grapes. She steals food right out of the others' beaks and looks quite regal while doing it.

If I don't see her outside, all I have to do is to loudly ask, "Where's my fine hen?" and she comes running. She rarely lays eggs anymore, but she will always have a home with me.

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