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    Aug 24, 2009
    There is a rescue centre near me that has to many chickens in at the moment. I have said that I can take another 2, my dad can take another 2 or 3 (he could in fact take about 15 but he does not want a flock that big) he has also agreed to take a few for some friends (single mothers in the town that he lives in) and he and another member of the church are going to help set them up with coops and then do a co-op to buy layer pellets in bulk to save some money.

    Anyway, I really don't care if the girls I get are older or are light on egg production as my current girls give me and my sister more then enough eggs (we have only had them a week and got 12 so far!) so I would be happy to take on some older girls. Same with my dad with his three young girls he is giving eggs away so a few older ones would be fine. I want to pick up the younger ones for the other people but have no clue how to tell the age.

    The lady I spoke to said they have Isa Browns that are approx a year old and some 3 year old hens. The also have Black Leghorns (do leghorns come in black??? dad said they must be something else)

    Anyway sorry about the ramble but if anyone knows how to tell the difference in age can you plese let me know.
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    Oct 18, 2007
    I can't guess exact age, but I can usually tell which are younger or older by the feet, the comb & wattles and the face. They just look older, the same way your grandma looks older than your mom.
    Probably not very helpful, I know.

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